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Ross Brown

Freelance marketing and communications specialist covering Yorkshire and Manchester.

What I do and How I work.


Choose from SEO, PPC, web development, email marketing & automation, e-commerce, social media, and analytics, tracking & conversion. All backed by an effective strategy.


From PR to direct mail, leaflet design to copywriting, effective traditional marketing supported by planning and strategy.


I predominantly-work with local SMEs and industry specialists, often dealing directly with the owner or MD.


Engage me to complete a new or existing project, such as a new web site.


"Buy" an agreed number of hours from me each month to provide you with all your marketing requirements.


All of my work is commercially-focussed and designed to deliver clients a strong return on their marketing investment.

"Results orientated, radiates charisma and optimism, motivated towards getting results, energetic with quick reactions, able to handle variety and demanding assignments, good interpersonal skills, motivational, natural leader, influential, generous and empathetic..."

Thomas Personal Profile Analysis

"He has a great ability to communicate complex issues in plain English, and I always found him engaging, lively and pro-active."

Andy Brown, partner at Waypoint Partners

"...has a delightful "can do" attitude which helps maintain forward momentum on all his projects at all times."

Ray Mason, former agency MD

My experience includes
high street retail, finance & banking, technology & computing, legal & regulated, industrial manufacturers, textile industries, estate agents, packaging suppliers, national museums, transport & logistics, local government, landscape gardening, national charities, professional sport, catalogues & online retailers, chemicals & recycling

Digital Marketing


Web Development


Traditional Marketing



Strategy & Planning


Email Marketing & Automation

Analytics, Tracking & Conversion

Social Media

Audio & Video Production

Project Management

Steps to success.

1 We meet to discuss your requirements, whether a long-term strategy or a specific project.

2 I prepare a schedule of work on a monthly or quarterly basis (for retainer clients) or for a specific project. Once agreed, the work begins.

3 The work is carried out based on the agreed strategy and schedule, with regular feedback and updates in both directions.

4 The work is completed, on time, on spec and on budget, the results are analysed and reported back.

Tell me about your project

If you'd like to discuss working together to improve your marketing communications, raising your profile and increasing your sales, then please get in touch.