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Testing Testing 1, 2… 1,2

April 12 2018 | Music

I have a secret identity. Like Batman but less exciting. And less gadgets. And less money. Ok, it’s not very much like Batman at all now I think about it. But it’s a (semi) secret identity none the less.

First a little back story: about 10 years ago, I shared an office in Leeds with a wonderful bunch of people. After converting my attic at home into an office/studio, I moved out of Leeds and those I left behind commented that they missed the eclectic range of music I used to play.

So I promised to see what I could do and, being an enterprising chap, I figured out a way for my former co-workers to listen in to whatever music I was playing on my laptop.

Pretty soon just playing music wasn’t enough. So dusting off my microphone and mixer, I began to talk between the tunes. And made a few jingles. And Ross FM was born.

In my defence, the name wasn’t meant to be taken too seriously. And was already being used by some of my friends before I dared to name the ‘show’ myself.

My home-made jingles were replaced (mostly) with some professional ones, produced by a friend who does that sort of thing for a living. And between 2-6 every Friday, I entertained the nation (or at least friends and family, and whoever was near their computer) with fine tunes and witty banter.

But then life got in the way. And barring a small handful of podcasts, Ross FM was sent to the great transmitter in the sky around 2010.

Until now.

For the past few years, a friend of mine has presented a fabulous radio show called “Mixtape Flavas” covering music such as electro,┬ásoul, funk, jazz, new jack swing, house and hip hop.

But, as it appears to have a habit of doing, life got in his way, courtesy of a great promotion at work.

So I – semi-seriously – offered to take over his slot. And I appear to now be doing so!

Like a musically-inclined phoenix rising from the ashes, Ross FM has been resuscitated. And this time it’s on proper radio and everything.

If you live in or around the Doncaster area, you can tune in on Sunday night from 7-8pm via 102.6 Sine FM. Or, if you’re further afield, then you can listen live via the Sine FM web site.

And, with this being the age of time-shifting, podcasts and other such marvels, you can also catch-up on my page on the Sine web site or via www.rossfm.com (something else I’ve dusted off).

Oh yeah, and there’s the Facebook page too. That duster has been busy.

If you like listening to a diverse range of music, never knowing what song – or, indeed, what style – will be coming next and can cope with listening to my mellifluous tones (think ‘Whispering’ Bob Harris with a Yorkshire accent), then please pop in.

Which is a convoluted way of saying… this is why I’ve not updated the blog for a while.

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