I’m a digital marketing and communications consultant, providing clients with an end to end solution, from strategy through content creation and into product development.

Working for clients large and small, from my offices or theirs, I deliver real, measurable, demonstrable results; creating leads, increasing sales and raising profits.

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Politics and Twitter: a how not to guide

All publicity is good publicity. Right? No. Whilst the old adage seems to suggest that “getting your name out there” is the raison d’etre of marketing, if it’s in a negative context then you’ll definitely do more harm than good. As Grant Shapps, chairman of the Conservative Party discovered yesterday. This isn’t a political blog, [...]

Facebook’s first decade

Chances are you’ve seen a few videos filling up your Facebook feed over the past few days, as the social media giant celebrates its 10th birthday by providing its 1.23 billion monthly users with the ability to create a short video of what it perceives as your highlights. Whilst it would have been nice to choose [...]

You can do a lot with a freebie

In an effort to keep my brain active whilst taking some enforced time off, I decided to do some tinkering with this web site. Nothing major, just small things I could do in the course of a day or two but could just as easily walk away from should a lie down be necessary. However, [...]

Downtime and big ideas

This year’s had a slow start. And I mean that in quite a literal sense. After feeling ropey for most of Christmas and New Year, the doctor has ordered me to take 10 days or so off and do nothing. It’s nothing serious, certainly not requiring concern. Basically I’ve been trying to ignore a virus of some [...]

Murray Walker and me

So, I recently announced that I was leaving my role as principal of the Mercedes Formula 1 team at the end of this year. Except, obviously, I didn’t. Mainly as I’ve never been principal of the Mercedes Formula 1 team in this or any other year. However, type “ross brown” leaving mercedes into Google (the quotes [...]

A year (almost) without live TV

It was an accidental experiment but it’s been an interesting one. For reasons too boring to recount, I found myself without any way of actually watching live TV earlier this year. And I’ve not missed it one little bit. Don’t misunderstand, I haven’t cut myself off entirely from all forms of visual entertainment. I’ve got [...]

Archive: Essential Parenting

Update: Seeing a lot of my friends posting from this event on Facebook this weekend, reminded me of the time I took my then 8 year old daughter to the Bingley Festival. I’ve previously-documented my love for all things related to the band James. So if high-quality indie rock does nothing for you… I’d recommend [...]

Archive: The future of publishing

Originally posted May 20 2008 (postscript below) There’s been a lot in the techie press lately about the death of “traditional media”, especially newspapers and magazines. Driving into the Leeds office this morning, I was listening to my favourite podcast This Week in Tech (TWiT as it’s known), when they began discussing the death of [...]

Archive: Farewell to the b-side: changes in digital retail

Originally posted November 15 2010 Reading The Guardian last week I came across this story, concerning the disappearance of the b-side in popular music. It’s a shame in many ways – some of my favourite lost songs were b sides of 7 inch singles or extra tracks on CDs that I’ve bought over the years [...]

Greatest Hits

It’s a trick that bands have pulled for decades: we’ve not got around to doing anything new for a while, so it must be time for a greatest hits album… There’s years of content on this site, the majority of which new “readers” will never have seen. So, to cover up for my recent tardiness, [...]


Apologies for the lack of updates over the past few months; it’s been a busy time recently and blogging has, unfortunately, not been even close to the top of the ‘to do’ list. I’m working on some updates at the moment, both to keep the content fresh and make it easier for me to add [...]

Quitting with an electronic cigarette

I like to think I’ve never been a quitter. But in one part of my life I remain hopeful that could change. Cigarettes will likely shorten my lifespan – not to mention the insane cost of my daily fix – so the idea of giving up the habit is appealing. When the opportunity arose to [...]

Time travelling inkjet

I’m not obsessed with visitor numbers and the like for this site but I do occasionally take a look at the Google Analytics to see what people have been reading or using to find the site. When I stumbled across this little nugget – a search term someone used to visit my web site – [...]

The evil Nick O’Teen

I’m a social leper. Constantly reducing my life expectancy and clogging my arteries with poison. I’ve tried to stop, I’ve attempted cold turkey, I’ve been hypnotised, even attended clinics and taken pills. But I remain a smoker. Why? I’m an intelligent fella. I know the damage it’s doing to me. So why don’t I stop? [...]

Disney has bought Lucasfilm: Star Wars 7 planned

Crikey. I didn’t see that coming. Just this evening, Disney has announced it’s agreed to buy Lucasfilm for $4bn plus change. And, at the same time, announced plans for “Star Wars 7″ – due in 2015. “I can’t believe I’ve convinced Disney to pay so much money for Jah-Jah Binks,” wasn’t said by George Lucas. [...]

RIP Ceefax. 1974 – 2012.

Goodbye old friend. You’re the one who told me about the news. The sports results. And what was on TV later. Looking back now you seem so old-fashioned. And maybe you were. I had to sit and wait whilst you cycled through various pages, waiting for the one I wanted to see. Your blocky text. [...]

The importance of planning

Regular readers will have noticed a few changes ’round here. I’ve spent some time re-formatting pages and re-designing the site. And I think it looks very nice indeed (let me know what you think, input and opinion always gratefully-received). As with anything like this, the problems only start to surface once you start digging around [...]

What was that about cats and curiosity?

Whilst listening to one of my favourite podcasts (The Nerdist), guest Tom Hanks made reference to The Bee Gees “Sgt Pepper”  album selling more copies than The Beatles original. A horrible statistic but one which I can imagine being true. Unfortunately. I’d heard of the film, and knew it’s basic history but never actually heard [...]

We’re not the customer

It knows what you’re looking for. It can ‘read’ your emails. It follows you as you wend your way around the web, taking note of the web sites you visit, the products you show interest in. It stores your work documents. It knows what you like – and don’t like. Holds your calendar. Shows you [...]

Microsoft surprises me…

I’m a little worried. Maybe I should sit down. Catch my breath and think things through a little more. No, it’s no use. I still feel the same. I quite like the new Microsoft tablet. There I said it. I’ll hand my “Apple Fan Club” membership back shall I? Named Surface, it’s a nice little [...]